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Monday, August 29, 2005


Sexy Jill Lost a Bet and had to Pose Nude Online - Dare

Jill lost a bet we made and was forced to pose nude online. Did not want to do it but was a good sport.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Real Girls Playing Stripping Games

dare Hi,

Some great video clips of real girls (no porn stars) playing strip games in hotels. They use cards and other props to play and end up making the others girl(s) strip and then at the end there is something more. Watch the awesome preview ... CLICK HERE TO SEE PREVIEW.


Thursday, August 18, 2005


Reading a TRUE Nymph's Story

Hello faithful "Truth or Dare" lovers and readers of this Blog:

I wanted to bring your attention to one of the stories on this site that may have gone un-noticed. It is a TRUE story by a young girl named kelly Da Brat and she is a real life nymph. Her story can be read HERE.

There is a link on that page to her Yahoo group where she posted multiple pics of herself and interacted with the members - giving us photos of her in different positions and telling us of her sexual exploits. The group is closed now. For some reason Yahoo likes to randomly close down adult oriented groups and I don't know where to find her now but she probably started another one - the story on THIS PAGE is her submission. If anyone knows where she is online at the moment, please let me know. My email is on the sidebar.

Happy Reading


Monday, August 15, 2005


Angie in Panties - Hot Pics!

Thanks for putting the pic of me up. I am the girl in the Angie's Perfect Breast photo. It makes me hot to think of people looking atme. Here's a few more shots of me for your site.



Thursday, August 11, 2005


Another Great Erotic Dare Story from Jill

This adventure started a little while after the Hypnotist Dare. Mike came over to my apartment one Saturday morning and told me he had rented a wave runner and wanted to know if I wanted to go hang at his friend’s cottage for the day. I had nothing going on so I agreed. I packed up my suit and we left.

The cottage was about a 45 minute drive from where we lived so we didn’t get there until about lunchtime. On the ride there we talked about the last dare that I did and how embarrassing it was for me. I told Mike that I would never do anything like that again. He just smiled. Apparently he already had something in mind for me today. He told me that he had been thinking about this for quite a while and came up with a new dare for me to do. I had not planned on doing any dares today but the thought of it got me worked up. Mike told the only reason he had rented the wave runner was for my dare, so he already had quite a bit of money invested in this dare I had to go though with it. The dare that he came up with was pretty simple. I had to go for a ride around the lake with him on the wave runner wearing only a life jacket. This dare didn’t sound that complicated so for some strange reason I agreed. I don’t know what I was thinking. I hadn’t even seen who was going to be at the party yet
After we arrived and ate lunch we all sat around visiting. It was a small group of people, mostly guys. Mike had told me that he did not tell anyone about my dare. I was getting nervous and excited all at the same time. The guys all took turns riding the wave runner around and they all seemed to be having a lot of fun. I even took it for a spin two or three times. Finally my time came. Mike asked me if I wanted to go for a ride around the lake. He smiled. I agreed and off we went.

When we got to the end of the dock Mike held up my life jacket and told me to take my suit off and put the life jacket on. I had no intention of stripping at the end of the dock where everyone could see me so I grabbed the jacket and jumped in the water. I looked around to make sure that nobody was close enough to see what I was doing and took off my suit and quickly put on the life jacket. Mike jumped in the water and told me to hand the suit to him. He walked over to dock and wedged my suit under a board. I couldn’t believe what I had agreed to do. The jacket covered up my top very well but my entire bottom was hanging out. All of a sudden two of the guys came walking down the dock towards us. I froze. Could they see me through the water I wondered? They stood right at the end of the dock and talked to us for a while. It felt pretty weird to be standing so close to them being almost naked. Finally they left and we both jumped on the machine and left. I felt really helpless. My bare ass was hanging out for all to see. Mike was really enjoying this. He cruised around the lake trying to drive as close as he could to anybody in a boat. So far so good this dare was going off with out a hitch. Then it happened. Mike spotted all of his friends. They had loaded up and took the pontoon boat for a spin. He started to drive straight towards them. I begged him not to go over there but he wouldn’t listen. He pulled right up to the boat and started to talk to everyone. I held on to Mike tight as I could so that nobody could really see much. In fact you couldn’t even tell I wasn’t wearing a suit. One of the guys named Ed asked if he could go for a spin and Mike agreed. I was horrified. What was I suppose to do? Mike looked back at me and asked if I wanted to ride with Ed or stay here? I told him I just wanted to go back to the dock ASAP but he didn’t listen. I slid off the back of the machine very fast into the water. Nobody had notice anything yet. I couldn’t believe what I was doing. I decided to stay in the water until he returned where nobody could see me. Mike handed him his life jacket and Ed hopped on. Right after he got on the wave runner Beth (the only other girl there) decided that she wanted to go for a ride too and asked Ed if he cared. He agreed. Then what I heard next was the most awful thing that could have been said. Mike said that everyone on a wave runner has to be wearing a life jacket. The only way Beth could go was if I gave her my life jacket. She immediately reached towards me to receive my life jacket. What was I suppose to do? Give her the life jacket and be completely naked or tell her no and explain to everyone that I didn’t have a suit on? Mike was on the pontoon laughing at me. I did the first thing that came to mind. I didn’t want anyone to know so I just removed the jacket and handed it to her. Now I was completely naked. My suit was back under the dock. What was I suppose to do? I just figured that I would stay in the water until they returned.

I heard the guy driving the boat say that he would meet Ed and Beth back at the dock in a little while. The wave runner started and they drove off. Everyone looked at me and said to climb aboard so that they could head back to the dock. I immediately said NO. By now Mike was laughing so hard that everyone wanted to know what was so funny? Then to my dismay he told them. He said that he made me take off my suit and leave it under the dock and only wear a life jacket and now I wasn’t even wearing that. The guys all stood there with their mouth hanging open and said that they didn’t believe him. I guy driving the boat then said that he was out of beer and wanted to get back to the dock. He told me suit or no suit just jump aboard so that we could get going. I asked them to hand me something to cover up with but they all said that there was nothing available. The motor on the pontoon started. Everyone was at the side of the boat looking at me. Finally the guy driving said that he was leaving and put the boat in gear. I yelled at him to stop and agreed to climb aboard. I started up the ladder very slowly. In a couple of seconds all of the guys that I been talking to all afternoon were going to see me completely naked. Everyone was silent. I figured what the hell and jumped up on the deck of the boat. They all just stared at me. I tried to cover up but it was useless. I looked around the boat for something to cover up with and realized that there wasn’t anything. The boat started to move so I just sat down.

After a few minutes the initial shock of being naked wore off and I got use to it. I didn’t try to cover up anymore and just enjoyed the boat ride. All of the boys were definitely enjoying the show also. We seemed to be taking the scenic route back to the cottage. I wasn’t paying much attention as to where we were going until we started to pull into the marina. Mike said that we were low on gas and needed to fill up. I just stayed seated and tried to hide the best I could. The dockhands came out to fill up the tanks. When they seen me they just stopped and stared. I tried to pretend that it was no big deal and it didn’t bother me to be naked in front of all these people but it felt really weird. Finally the boat started and we headed back to the cottage. When we pulled up to the dock I jumped off and went straight for my suit and got dressed. The rest of the afternoon I was getting lots of looks from the guys and a few requests for a repeat performance. Later that evening we loaded up the car and headed back to our apartment complex. Mike was still laughing at me and said that he was really starting to enjoy our time we have together. I have to admit I am enjoying the dares also but I could never tell him that because who knows what he would think up next. I will keep you posted.

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Saturday, August 06, 2005


Angie's Perfect Breasts

We dared our friend Angie to let us take pictures ofher perfect breasts and put them up on the internet. Can you help us oblige her?Thanks John


Thursday, August 04, 2005


My First Online Dare - Hot Rebecca!

I just found your site. I haven't done any of your dares, but some old friends of mine and I used to do stuff like this. We once shot a home movie of the four of us doing strange things in normal places, nude, at 4 am on Christmas.
The idea of a nude pic on the internet, that no would ever know is me is kinda hot.




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