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Friday, March 31, 2006


Loren Topless on a Nude Beach

nude beach

My girlfriend and I always wanted to try a nude beach but don't really have any nearby to our area. So when we went on vacation this last week we got the chance! The beach wasn't officially a nude beach but several people did go in various stages of undress. Loren (my girlfriend) decided to go topless and show off her beautiful tits! I loved every minute of every guy staring as they walked by. It was a thrill for us both!

Gary & Loren



Just For Fun - Star Trek Fans

sexy seven of nine
sexy seven of nine


Fanny is Dared by Hubby

fanny with body paint
Dear Webmaster

I am sending in this picture as a dare from my husband. It was taken last summer after he had spent hours painting me with latex. I had no choice but to accept his dare as I behaved really badly in a bar this week and this is part of my penance. I had far too much to drink on wednesday night and I left my husband sitting at the bar on his own to go and chat to two women further along the bar. I don't have perfect recollection of exactly what I did but for some reason I ended up kissing and fondling one of them for quite some time. My husband said he wouldn't have minded quite so much if she had either been more attractive or I had at least had the decency to bring her back to our hotel room so that he could enjoy her too.He left me a note this morning telling me I had to send a picturein to you and I have to be his sex slave all weekend as my punishment, hopefully then, he will forgive me.If you like my picture I will send you some more. My husband and I quite regularly take part in kinky dares for each others pleasure.

Love Fanny xxx


Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Flashing Her Ass Outdoors

flashing ass
Great dare sent in by Tommy with a picture of his girlfriend flashing her ass outdoors. READ ALL ABOUT IT HERE


Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Porn Star Raven Black Accepts Dare Challenge

Raven Black
You can see her full picture here.

Once again the dares for guys and girls can be found on the left side of this page.


50 Naked Lesbian Pictures Uploaded !!

naked lesbian pictures Hi Everyone,
I just uploaded 50 of my older archived hot lesbian pics from my past T o D sites. Check them out:

Monday, March 27, 2006


Sara's Hot Bum!

Hi Everyone,

Sara just sent in a nice hot picture of her bum! I posted it at the BUTT DARES page so take a look.

Webmaster :)


Young Married Couple

threesome My wife, Marylee, and I are 25 and 24 yrs old and are completely new to the whole scene of voyeurish type sex etc. We have talked about threesomes in the past but ... READ THE REST HERE




Mary Jo's First Lesbian Experience

first lesbian experience I have recently dicovered my bi side and enjoy the site of a woman's nude body. I love browsing this site and looking at the nude photos too. But in person is much better! My 1st experience with another woman was with a 21 year old ... READ ABOUT IT HERE


Sunday, March 26, 2006


Sara & Phil - Threesome With Emma!

Phil and Sara had quite a night! They were invited to a young woman's house for a threesome.

Friday, March 24, 2006


Hot Chick Krystal Gives Us More!

hot chick krystal
Hello, it's me again. I have gotten some very nice emails from some people saying that I look nice and that they enjoy looking at my photos, so here is a few more.

**Please feel free to email Krystal and give her your feedback at krystal_in_usa AT



My Sexual Fantasy

fantasy sex
My Most Intense Sexual Fantasy:

I imagine walking through a crowd of men. I am dressed in something really slutty, for example a really short skirt (so short that my arse cheeks are just visible from behind) and a really sheer top. My nipples .... READ THE REST HERE



Couple Dare

We are submitting this nude picture of my girlfriend. It doesn't have anything to do with our dare story but when you read it you'll see we couldn't exactly take pictures where we were. LOL
My girlfriend and I went to a fondue restaurant together ...READ THE REST HERE


Wife's Tits Outside

tits in public
This story was submitted my Mark (not miamimark) and is really about his buddy's wife's tits. This picture is his wife. Read about his wife and his bud's wife HERE



One More From Pam!

I left this site running for Tony to find and he could not beleive his eyes when he realized it was me in the photos. All he could say was "I never knew you had the nerve". He thought I had cheated a little and dared me to send a more revealing photo. So calling his dare here is a full frontal for John to complete the dare.

Luv Pam.

You can see her progression from clothed to naked with John HERE.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Naked On The Beach

naked on the beach
Andrea sent in her great "Naked on the Beach" story.... READ IT HERE


Submitted Email Dare -

naked woman

sure you site is great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!we were just browsing and you poped up !!!!!!!!! so we thought we would be daring about what we love to do and thats telling the truth about being daring!!! your site is great im telling all my friends about it ty fo r lrtting us put pics on truth or dare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, March 19, 2006


Sexy Sara Completes Her Dare!


Sara had a TON of courage and let herself be taken to an amateur photographer's house where he snapped all sorts of hot hot pictures of her naked. SEE THEM HERE


Flashing in the Subway Restaurant

Here are 2 pictures of my girlfriend doing a dare I gave her to flash her boobs in subway.


flash in subway
flashing boobs

Friday, March 17, 2006


Nude Photo Shoot

Krystal has submitted a real sexy hot pic of herself from a nude photo shoot. It was taken by her neighbor with her girlfriend present. READ ALL ABOUT IT HERE.



Online Strip Dare - 0 Items Each! NUDE

Here is the result of the online strip dare. You can see thier archives pics here. Both John and Pam were great sports for doing this and probably had alot of fun in the process. Good Job BOTH!!

Pam Nude This is the one you have been waiting for me wearing nothing but a smile to complete this strip dare. Although nervous I have enjoyed being undressed by you John and hope you have liked what you saw. Your photos are great and can't wait to see you naked - you look fit. I really have enjoyed the experience and would like to do it again. Have enough photos in our album if you would like to take part - willing to help another first time female bare all on the net it is quite liberating. Thanks for your support John you have been great. Luv Pam XXX

John Nude
Another great pic, Pam!

If you're reading this, we must have completed the very last round and our nude photos are already posted. We've performed the dare all the way to the
end for the whole world to see!

Thanks again, Pam. I've had a great time doing this dare with you, and I hope you've enjoyed it too.

John -

Thursday, March 16, 2006


Online Strip Dare - 1 Item Each!

pam with one item
We are almost nude folks!

Webmaster & John many thanks for your kind words and encouragement to continue with the dare. As you can see it worked as I submit the fifth photo of me in my last remaining item. Still covered I'm afraid John but it is helping my confidence build. The next photo will reveal all I promise John and I hope yours does too if I can send mine that is.

john with one item

Great pic, Pam -- glad you decided to continue!

This is it -- just one more round and we've completed the entire dare. I'm ready if you are; the webmaster already has my nude photo ready to post whenever you submit yours.

Hope you decide to play it through to the very end!


Introducing MiamiMark - Featured T o D Member

You are all in for a real treat!

I have been in contact with MiamiMark for some time now. Mark kept a journal of his sexual adventures with his HOT ex-wife Cindy (see 3rd pic below) and his SEXY current girlfriend Nat (see first 2 pics below).

He has agreed to have his stories on this site for all to read and share in his memorable and intense sexual adventures. You can read them all at his page HERE.





Sara Getting Her Naughty Pictures Taken Tonight!

sexy sara
Hi Webmaster,

I want to say thank you to all the people who emailed and dared me to give
steve from the camera club more than he was banking on when he took my
'natural photo' set. Naturally i accept the dare and have been thinking how
to proceed. Actually i needn't have bothered worrying because Phil rang
Steve anyway!

Between them they have cooked up a plan and all i know is that l need to be
ready on Thursday evening, wearing just a dressing gown at 9pm - and we are
going out! Watch this space!

Sara x x


Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Online Strip Dare - 2 Items Each!

Getting Hotter!

Pam with 2 items

We are half way now to when I have to reveal all and following a chat with my G/F I feel more confident now. She pointed out that two items is only wearing a bikini on the beach but more people are likey to see me on the web though. I could have done without the last comment but she is right so here is photo four of me in just two items of clothing.

Joh with 2 items

Wow, great pics, Pam!We're getting near the end and the tension is mounting-- but I'm ready if you are! The webmaster already has my one-item pic, so all you have to do is submit yoursand we'll be down to the final round . . .


His First Threesome Story

One night in college after my girlfriend, her roommate and her new boyfriend had all been out drinking and partying for the night we all went back to their room and crashed. After awhile my girlfriend and I started making out, and soon were naked and fucking under the covers ... READ THE REST HERE



Online Strip Dare - 3 Items Each!

Hi Webmaster - getting quite scared now and wondering how I got into this. It seemed a good idea at the time when I accepted you strip dare but that was after two glasses of red wine. Not sure I can go all the way now though. Photo three enclosed down to three items - you will remember stockings and suspenders counted as one item. Hope you like - Pam

pam with 3 items

Hi, Pam -- thanks again for another great pic! Looking forward to more.

If you do "go all the way," this will be my first time nude on the Internet. I'm ready if you are!

If you're reading this, we're down to three items and the webmaster already has my two-item photo. Things are about to get more interesting.

john with 3 items

Monday, March 13, 2006


Naked In The Car

naked in car
My girlfriend and I went to the carwash yesterday. When we got through and the kid started to dry it, I rolled down the window, gave him a ten dollar bill and told him to make sure he dried the passenger side window really good. When he got to that side, my girlfriend pulled down her top, and sat there while this hispanic kid took about ten minutes drying her window and staring at her pert tits and nipples. He then looked over at me to see if he should continue so I rolled down her window and asked him if he liked my girlfriend's tits, he put his head in the window a little and said that he never saw such nice tits and asked if he could touch them, she said ok and he quickly pinched one nipple and squeezed the hell out of the other tit. Anyone have any other stories like this? I almost blew my load right there.

P.S. We pulled over in a park afterwards and took this picture. I really wanted to have a picture with the hispanic kid in it but at the time my mind wasn't thinking straight LOL.



Mark & Ashley's Dares

These are our dare stories first Ashley’s Theater Dare and then her revenge

When Mark and I first meet it we were working in pizza we were assistant managers for the local college Pizza joint. we were working our way through college and soon we started dating we had this annoying habit of always arguing with each other mostly over politics at first. he is a republican and I was a democrat at the time. But just because we were dating and falling in love the arguing didn't stop and we started to turn it into fun. We would often make bets little things like I would have to give him a BJ if he was right or he would have to give me morning orgasm before school and work making him suffer blue balls all day. After a while we got more adventuresome the first sorta public dare was I had to ride home naked from the casinos when he won more money than me. That kinda got us hooked.

Well that’s the background now for the big dare. It was during the Gore Bush presidential race that our argument and bet got going I was betting Gore would win and he was betting Bush would win. We decided since this was such a big argument that it would have to be our biggest dare ever, we debated for weeks about the candidates who was going to win and what the dare was we finally settled on this. We would go to a rated R movie the loser would have to draw a cuss word from hat, every time that word was spoken the loser would have to take off an article of clothing. If the person was naked then they started in reverse till they were dressed and started taking their clothes off again at the end of the movie whatever the person was wearing is what they had to walk to the car and ride home. Well we all know how the election turned out. I tried to argue that technically Gore won because he got more votes but to no avail the bet was who won the presidency I was screwed...

No we agreed to a few rules, during the movie no funny business because we didn't want to draw undo attention to ourselves. Second socks and shoes didn't count it was four items. It could not be a movie we had seen. Now for the hard part do the dare at night or during the day... at night more people would be in the theater and maybe walking around outside but it would be dark. During the day the theater might be empty but people would see you walking to the car. I finally opted to go to a 1:00 Tuesday showing figuring it would be the slowest time...I was scared and excited all the same I scouted out the theater and the parking and made sure I was driving that day so I could park as close as possible to the exit. I had hoped to get the closet spot but I was to be denied I had to park six space up the closest aisle. Now the hard part where do you sit in the theater to close to the front and everyone sees you moving around to much in the back and they see you when they go for pop corn. I Found my seat and waited I was about to die during the previews... I was so nervous that to this day I don't remember what movie we saw..

Here is how it went down. We sat down and I drew my word, it was the F-bomb, the theater was empty when we got there I was excited at first maybe this wouldn't be so bad but not my luck by the end of the previews about 20 other people had come in and sat down.. The movie started off with a kick in ten minutes I was naked. the excitement was killing me so bad did I want to break our rule there I was butt ass naked with my boyfriend sitting right next me man I wanted him, I was getting wet and it was cold enough my nipples were hard as rocks but pretty soon the f-bomb dropped a few more times and all I was missing was my shirt, I found myself disappointed. Mark was sticking to the rules though I could see him squirm trying to make that erection more comfortable. Two more F-bombs I didn't even have time to get my shirt on so I just stayed like I was. another spattering of F-bombs and I was naked again I couldn't stand it I could feel my juices in the seat I had to do something so I stated to finger my clit hoping for an orgasm to ease the tension but before I could finish two more F-bombs I didn't want to stop but Mark made me he knew what this was doing to me and he made me put my panties and pants back on, another F-bomb now I was back in bra I knew the movie was coming to an end so I thought I might be okay I had made sure to wear Bikini type bra and underwear just in case. Another F-bomb I was fully dressed and I knew the credits were coming soon...I was hot and horny but I was really happy to be going out with my clothes on five more minutes and I am home free and then it happened in the space of that five minutes two more F-bombs and the curtain came down and the lights came on and there I was with my tits on display. I quickly dived down to get my purse the theater emptied quickly and it was time to make my escape. Just as we were about to step out the door I heard kids voice the G movie next door got out at the same time and turned to go back in the theater only to see the attendant with his Jaw on the floor staring at my 36-b boob totally exposed. In my panic I did what any sane women would do I ran for the car I beat the kids out I don't know if anyone say me but I was really thankful for giant suburban parked right next to our car. We headed home and I begged mark to fuck the hell out me He was more than happy to oblige

but I wanted revenge and I got it Now Mark will tell his story...

Ashley told our friends about the dare we have a three other couples as best friends we all live close together and we hung out back then almost every weekend. one Sunday at a barbeque we were all drinking and Ashley and I started arguing over the name of an actress I was positive I knew who she was the guys tended to agree with me and the girls weren’t sure. I had already had a few beers and wasn't paying attention, Ashley's best friend Michelle got up and left I figured she was going to the bathroom what I didn't know was she was headed on line to find out. She got the answer and knew Ashley was right she egged on our argument knowing we would eventually make a bet and a dare. She rightly realized this was Ashley’s chance to get me back. Sneaky ass women... now every first Friday we have a guys/girls night. Us guys get together and play cards and the women get together and watch a movies or do other girl shit. Ashley and I always have to close the Pizza joint on Friday and show up with the parties in progress no one minds because we always bring pizza. We finally get to the point of betting and are starting to argue about the dare, Michelle pipes in her idea, little did I know Ashley was in on this. Michelle said How about the loser has to make and deliver the guys/girls night pizza to the opposite sex naked before going to their respective party. Now as Ashley has told you she has 36 b breast, they are part of her 5-6 frame weighing 120 pounds with a nice ass and well trimmed beaver, all my buddies thought I was right and were dying to see her Naked they had asked me before to do a dare where they got to see What the hell I said yes... No sooner had I said yes than Michelle said lets go check the internet and see who were going to get to see. I had a bad feeling I had been had.. I hoped the guys would back me up but oh no they took the ladies side thinking it was funny as hell. The worst part was what I had added to the dare since our store was a college store and it was summer it was always dead late at night. I said after the store is closed to carry out the loser has to finish the shift naked. We were always scheduled to close one as manager one as driver. we always sent the last driver home right before carry out closed so it would just be the two of us...stupid me I forgot school was about to start the freshmen were back and we were busy that night. carry out time came to an end and Mandy was still there Ashley told Mandy about the dare and told me it was time to strip I tried to get out of it and she persisted I finally said what the hell and stripped there I was with my dick swing and Ashley teasing me so I would be hard Mandy got in on the game but only verbally as we didn't and don't swing...finally the shift was over my balls ready to explode for three hours I had been getting hard and calming down when the ladies were off delivering pizza I figured after Mandy left Ashley would take care of me I was wrong she just went about business as usual but every time I softened up she would flash me or touch me or tease me to get me hard again then it was time to deliver the pizza I was already nervous because all her girlfriends were going to see me naked but I just wanted to get it over with. Ashley made me go drop the money at the bank and Finally told me they were meeting a Lisa's condo and not Michelle’s house great now I have to deliver the friggen pizza in my hat and shoes to the back side third floor about 100 yards from the closet parking spot. I get to door lucky me no one around they make me bang on the door three times and let me in it was a little cold out so I shrunk a little and Ashley up to her games again said that wouldn't do and asked the girls if she should suck me off to show them how large I was, that’s all it took. I was quickly standing at attention even more so as the girls all said yes. Then I was shocked Ashley said to Michelle this was all your idea would you like to do the honors. She said “really” now Michelle is not as hot as my wife but a busty bombshell none the less she started to lead me to her bed room I could already feel my balls ready to explode and there was plenty of juice Cuming out already.. Lisa all of a sudden said no way you have to do it here so we can watch. Michelle told me to lean against the wall I was ready and waiting she got down on her knees put her hands on my thighs opened her mouth I was dying with anticipation of her lips on my now swollen member just as she is about to take me in her mouth all the girls start laughing and Michelle gets ups walks away Ashley tosses me the keys and says your clothes are in the trunk of my car go home and take a cold shower I’ll see you in the morning...I thought I was going to die she got even with me and then some and to top it off she parked her car all the way at the end right along the busy street... I got her back a year later but that’s a story for another day

Mark and Ashley

let us know what you think

Sunday, March 12, 2006


Online Strip Dare - 4 Items Each!

Pam down to 4 items
For professional reasons I need to obscure my face but I do not think this will worry people logging on as they will be hoping to see my naked body. My G/F contacted me and said if it was not me then I had a double - when I confirmed it was me she gasped and said "dare you to go all the way"! Well here is photo two and down to four items - I never wear anything under tights. Hope you like the photo and that it is in the spirit of this dare.


Hi, Pam, and thanks for playing! Great pic -- looking forward to more!

The webmaster has posted a photo of me in five items (at the previous post) of clothing along with your photo, so now it's my turn. The photo below show(s) me wearing four items of clothing. Your turn to post a 3-item photo as he already has mine!


Saturday, March 11, 2006


Online Strip Dare Begins!


We Have Our 2nd Player. John started it off and you can see his post here.

Pam's pic and story is here:

strip dare

Hope it is not too late to respond to the online strip dare as I have not done anything like this before. My name is Pam and I was introduced to this site by my G/F. We have dared each other to post a nude photo but neither of us has done so yet. I have stripped off a couple of times with camera in hand but did not press the button. Came across our private photo album taken by my husbaand Tony over the last two years and have selected photos to meet this dare. This will be the first time they have been seen by anyone. Tony and his mates have tried to persuade me to strip before without joy although I have been persuaded to play poker with them leaving the game when it got too revealing. Well here goes (deep breath) first photo wearing five items - shoes counted as one item, stockings and suspenders as one item. Hope this is in the spirit of the dare and I can go all the way. Game on!

strip dare john

Thursday, March 09, 2006


Cassey Plays Spin The Bottle!

spin the bottle sex

Cassey had alot of surprises playing spin the bottle with Phil/Sara, Hubby Matt and a friend John. If you want to read her HOT story and see her 5 pics then click here

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Strip Monopoly

I love to play strip games and have played many times with my boyfriend's co-workers and other friends of ours. I am OK with pictures being taken, but in general games are very spontaneous, and there would definitely be a reluctance on most of the other people to have their pictures taken. My BF always loves it when I am the one who parts with their clothes first. I have ended up many times being the only one naked. The best part is when I am not given my clothes back after the game, and made to remain naked for the rest of the evening. Here is a pic of me and my bf's best friend from our last strip monopoly game.



Tuesday, March 07, 2006


More Dare Options For Guys

dares for men

Since we haven't yet had any takers for the dares for men I have decided to add a few more options

So guys, go to this page and see if there is one you feel you can perform. I know the girls dare is easier but then again it's harder for them to post a picture of themselves nude than it is for us guys.

Who will be our first Player?



I Love To Masterbate:

girl masterbating
I have always wanted to be on this site so I'll tell you a sexy bit about me. I love to masturbate. One of my favorite techniques is a little different. First I start by tweaking and pinching my large nipples. The touch of my nipples erupts a sensation in my genital area and starts my juices flowing. I love large nipples. I then lay on the bed on my back in a reclined position. Legs are spread very wide and I massage with my second, third and fourth fingers making sure to get my clitoris nice and lubricated with my vaginal juices. While massaging my clitoris in a circular motion and moving my hips to meet each stroke, I am simultaneously sucking and biting my nipples and fantasizing. As my nipples get larger and harder, my clitoris gets larger and longer with increased sensitivity. As I feel the wave of the orgasm building harder I hold my breath and I have an intense ejaculating orgasm.

P.S. I know my pic has no nudity but I wanted to show that a pic can be very erotic without it. Maybe my next submission will be nude!!


Monday, March 06, 2006


Strip Tic Tac Toe

strip tic tac toe
strip chat


The other night my friend Jill and I (Tom) were playing tic tac toe over
MSN. We live about 5 hours away from each other, and hardly ever see each
other. We used to play little games every once in a while, so we quickly
decided to make the game a little more fun, and turn it into a strip game of
Tic-Tac-Toe. We made up the rules, which pretty much boiled down to "if you
lose, take something off". We realized that playing that type of game,
we're going to end up naked pretty quick. So we added to the rules, that
after someone is naked, if they lose again they have to point the webcam to
where the winner says. After losing again, they have to start to do what
the winner says for the duration of the next game.

The game had us naked pretty quick, Mostly because her apartment was really
warm, so she was already in only a bra and underwear to begin with, so I
agreed to take off everything but my t-shirt and boxers before we started
the game. The webcams were only showing our shoulders and up, and we
started playing the game. Jill lost the first game, and told me she took
off her underwear. She also lost the second game, and I watched her take
off her bra. Then I ended up losing the next one, so I took off my shirt.
Jill then lost, and since she was naked, I was allowed to tell her where to
point the webcam. I said I wanted to see some pussy!! She said "I'll show
you mine if you show me yours" Since I still had my boxers on, I said
"sure, we'll both point our cams down at the same time". So she pointed the
cam lower, so I got to see her bare boobs, and then a little pair of blue
panties! I called her a cheater and told her to take it all off right now.
So she did, but then did a pretty good job of sitting in just the right
angle to not let me see very much at all.

I lost the next game, so I
slipped off my boxers showing Jill my semi-hard penis. The next game she
lost, allowing me to make her do something for my viewing pleasure. I
decided I really wanted the game to last, so to move things allong slowly I
told her to simply "spread your legs wide, and let me have a good look". So
during the next game, I had a wonderful view of her shaved pussy. I lost
the next game, so she said she wanted to see me stroke my dick until I was
rock hard. So during the next game, I entertained Jill with my hand, and my
cock. I can't completly remember how the rest of the games went, everything
seems to be running together. I do remember that a couple of my winning
requests involved Jill taking "big blue" and leaving her toy turned on as
high as it goes, and just leaving it sitting deep where it belongs for the
duration of the next game. (I made sure to take my time deciding where to
put my X's that game) I lost a few games too, and she made sure to make me
show off for her a little more. I made sure to take a few screenshots
throughout the game to keep for memories. I sent them to Jill after the
game, and we picked out two of our favourites to post on your site. I hope
everyone enjoys them! If anyone has any similar games or pics to share,
please feel free to email me at




Girlfriend Lost A Bet

hot girlfriend
Hey, the attached pic is of my girlfriend.

She lost a bet with me and she was dared to take a nude pic, go into a chat and give it to anyone who asked. I decided to have a little more fun and post it here. Her bet was that she could beat me in a video game to which I am very well skilled. Well she lost and so she had to take the pic and get into the chat room and give it to anyone who asked for her pic. It was so funny, and it made her very hot and boy was the sex good that night.

Bob Dude

**From Webmaster: The writing on the bottom left corner of the pic was not there when Bob sent in the pic. It was done by me when I converted the file from a Bmp to JPG. That should not happen in the near future.


Sunday, March 05, 2006


I Love Wearing Thongs!

When we order pizza out of town (I don't like the chance of being recognized at home) I always answer the hotel door in a thong or crotchless panties and a very sheer and short teddy. I love wearing thongs and tan with them at the beach whenever we go. When he comes, I always make sure that my purse is on the floor so I have to bend over in front of him to get the money. I might let the pizza delivery guy have a quick feel but that is all so far. My husband and I usually set the video camera up on a tripod to film it so we can watch it later. The only down side to all of this is that the pizza is cold by the time we get around to eating it. Here is a pic of me after returing from our last vacation.



Saturday, March 04, 2006


Caught Nude In the Jacuzzi!

jacuzzi nude Lisa

In a jacuzzi I sat on my boyfriend's shoulders and he didnt know but the pressure on my clit was driving me crazy! After I hopped off him he needed to go and answer his house phone so in the jacuzzi I put myself in front of the jets and took off my bikini bottoms and ... the rest here


Great Dare Idea - Online Strip Dare Needs Female Participant

truth or dare idea

Online strip dare!

I'm a guy who has been visiting this site for a couple of weeks, and I think it's about time for me to submit a dare. Since I haven't (yet) participated in the men's dare recently posted on the site, I thought I'd try a dare that puts me on the spot too.

This dare is for me and for any gal out there who feels like getting a little exhibitionistic but, preferably, who has NOT yet had any nude pics posted to the site. The dare is for us to strip for each other online, right here on this site with everybody watching. Basically, I'm trying to encourage you to do it by offering to do it with you.

Here's how it works:

We take turns submitting photos of ourselves. You start by submitting a photo of yourself fully dressed, and you state how many items of clothing you're wearing. I then submit a photo of me wearing the same number of items, minus one.

For each subsequent photo, you remove one item of clothing. (You may want to take all the photos in one sitting and just submit them one at a time; that's what I'm going to do.) Every time you submit one, I'll submit one too, wearing one fewer item of clothing than in the one before.

You can quit at any time. If you stop, I stop; if you keep going, I keep going.
Each photo must show your entire body, head to toe, with no hands or other objects covering any unclothed areas -- and of course I'll follow the same rule. You don't have to show your face (you can turn your head, cover your face with something, or blur it) -- but I'll show mine if you show yours.

The webmaster will post the pics here as they're submitted (and perhaps archive them all on a single page showing the entire exchange in order). Perhaps he can send me an email letting me know another pic is in, so that I can submit mine and he can post them both together.

And let's also agree that at most only one picture (from each of us) can be submitted per day. This is supposed to be a bit of a tease (both for the two participants and for anyone else who's watching), and we want to string it out for at least a week or so. If you want to submit your pictures less often to make it last longer (or because you're nervous), that's fine.

If you keep submitting pictures until we run out of clothes, then since I start out with one fewer item of clothing than you do, I'll be submitting the first fully nude photo in the exchange. This is an act of faith on my part; you could refuse to submit a fully nude photo of yourself, but I'm trusting you to go ahead and take that final plunge. We're on the honor system here.

If you want to continue submitting photos after we're both naked, then when you submit your fully nude photo, just tell me in what direction you want to go. The rule at that point will probably be that if you dare me to do something (masturbate, for example, or take an outdoor nude photo of myself) and I do it, then you have to do it too. If I turn it down, of course, you don't have to do it either -- and once we're both naked, I do reserve the right to turn down any additional dares. But don't dare me to do anything you won't do yourself!

In case personal data are of interest to you: I'm 6'4", about 200 lbs., 42 years old, fairly athletic (hiker and rock climber), and of average endowment. And just to give you a general idea what I look like (only fair since you'll be submitting the first photo in the exchange), I've submitted a photo of me hiking in the woods this past summer. (I've blurred my face just a bit, but again, if you show your face, I'll show mine.)

The object here is just to have some online strip-dare fun -- and, I hope, to involve some gals who haven't participated in any dares here yet. If you're one of those gals, I dare you to go get a camera and get busy!

(Don't forget to state the number of items of clothing you're wearing in your first picture. Otherwise I won't know how many to wear in mine.)

Anyone who wants to comment is welcome to email me at


P.S. ** One clarification: the rules don't require us to stick to the same set of clothes in all the pictures. If you wanted to, for example, you could pose in a string bikini for your two-item shot and then switch to a floor-length terrycloth bathrobe for your one-item shot. All the rule says, strictly speaking, is that you have to wear one item fewer in each successive photo. Since we're online and no one can see us changing clothes between shots, this rule leaves us plenty of flexibility.

But we should try to use this flexibility to promote the spirit of the dare -- which is that our pictures should be progressively more revealing and, ideally, as provocative as possible even while we're still dressed. The object is to try to leave each other, and anyone else who's interested, eager to see the next picture, and to push each other to be more and more daring. So use your imagination -- and I promise to use mine!

We should also feel free to submit text commentary along with our pictures, including our responses to each other's pictures.


Strip Poker Gets Girlfriend Nude

strip poker
My most memorable strip poker game for me was when my girlfriend and I played with two other couples one night in a party hosted by one of the other couples. The game turned out really bad for my girlfriend as she ended up totally nude while the rest of us only lost a shoe a piece at most. Thinking about it, the fact that my girlfriend was the only one nude in the group was a real turn on for me not only then, but even t'ill now, and the mere thought of it never fails to give me a definite hard on.

Sammy & Cheryl


Thursday, March 02, 2006


My Most Embarrassing Sex Story

**I recently played a dare game with friends which resulted in me having to tell my most embarrassing sex story on the interent and posting a pic to go along with it.

My boyfriend bought me a vibrator for Valentine's day about a year ago. Still living at home I knew I had to hide it. Well, after having some fun one night I just put it under my mattress. The next day my brother came in and laid on my bed, when he put pressure on the mattress, my vibrator turned on and started to buzz like crazy.

Well, not knowing what it was he came in the living room and said, "sissy this was buzzing under your bed" and handed it to me. It was a monday, so my mom and dad and I were watching Fear Factor, and looking at the size of my vibrator, my mom laughed and said, "apparently fear is not a factor for you." And now my dad goes around saying, "BZZZZZZZZZZ." I have never been more emabarassed in my life.

What's your story?



100 Ass Dare Pics!

I just finished putting together a section of pics that were in my archives from previous dare sites, forums etc..

There is no text with the pics as I was saving them without the intention of re-publishing them. Mostly because I loved truth or dare. These pics are from people's dares from 2000-2003. Enjoy them!



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